damn, LIFFE`S gooooooooooooood……

3-19-08-005.jpg3-19-08-007.jpg3-19-08-012.jpgmade it up to w-burg today with sHiPP, IT was windy AS hell, 3-19-08-015.jpg3-19-08-008.jpgwe put in over 3 hrs, it was nice to get back out on them roadz..spring was in the air…3-19-08-011.jpg3-19-08-018.jpg3-19-08-019.jpgfinished IT all off with dinner at one of OUR  SPONSORS …..(MAN IT WAS MOST EXCELLENT , LETZ ALL GO THERE SOMETIME…) well , itz back to the gym in the morning , all you fools betta watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1%%#^%$&&^&^***&(&(&(&!!!!!!!……..


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