cross the trash???

it was great to get out to the race at trashmore for a lil while on sunday morning, young MARK battled  his way to the gold,BreakingAway  about 2/3rds thru the race….good job!!!! carol had her BATTLE  but it was not to be, …..the LIZINATOR put in a good ride,(and put on 1 helluva race,)….SILLY SALLY got an early holeshot in her race, but after yet another EPIC BATTLE, succumbed to the power of the coppi GIRL…….good job girls!!!!!then  i got to catch most of the C race, the START was mad kaos….it was good to see ART out on the Monster…..also JERRY hitting it on his cx bike , i`ll try to post more pics later this week………..so ya`ll know what to do suckerzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

One response

  1. Liz

    Nice photos. It was good having you there in the CX of Death.

    November 20, 2007 at 9:33 pm

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