fun times…

well as D-Bo said, it was a good weekend.   also decided to race Go Fast Turn Left up in the middle of nowhere, Richmond.

 I decided to do the 4 race, as well as the 3/4 race.  The 4 race went okay.  I was top 5 the whole race, covering moves and feeling good.  On the last lap, Jason from U of R went from the bell and soloed in for the win.  I was boxed in the whole time and ended up only finishing 9th.

 After that, I cooled down, and sat around before the 3/4 race.

The 3/4 was really good.  It was fast, but also less squirley than the 4 race.  Alot of attacks went but nothing stuck.  I got into a 5 man group that was clear for a few laps, but thats all I was able to do.  I was feeling really good in the final laps but couldnt move far enough up in the end.  Big Jim took the win, with D-Bo coming in 4th, and me rolling in 14th (3rd cat 4).  I felt really good, just couldnt get the job done.  Should have some pics up soon.



One response

  1. rilysi

    ya lookin strong out there, juzz think how fast you`d be in the black and silver(the best uniform out there!!!!!!!!!) 🙂

    August 20, 2007 at 9:55 pm

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