Weekend Update

So this weekend went pretty well.  Saturday was the Chesapeake Crit.  I decided to do the Junior and the Cat 4 race.  The junior race was good.  The race was pretty slow and only one person got away.  Coming into the last turn I was sitting last wheel and I opened it up, taking the win.

In the Cat 4 race, I felt good, sitting top 5 most of the race, closing gaps, and following wheels.  I tried to solo with 3 to go, but the field was having none of it.  I ended up coming in 6th place.

 On Sunday I did the PLT tt, which was really fun.  Best Ive felt all year.  I ended up coming in with a 54:22, 1:40 faster than last time.  Good enough for 2nd place.

 Ill leave it to DBO to update on how he did.


 well , young tyler ,my weekend went pretty good and pretty bad ,but all together pretty outstanding, on sat morning i did the state masters 30-39 race with some pretty heavy hitterzz (congratz rutledge on the bronze 30-34) d. fuentes showed up, some other dude from dc velo, and a bunch more fast guyz…the race was fast , a 5 man break went, fuentes and dc velo guy dropped 2 of them off so it was 3, then gener went with another guy to bridge the gap, they didn`t make it ,but dinterman managed to join them, the field could never get any continuity going, so both breaks stayed away, so the field sprintwould be for 7th, the speed on the last lap was so fast we almost caught the gener dinterman group,but with a good lead out from the dog i managed to snag 9th place (and enough points to hang onto 2nd in the bar, no medals this year) all i had to do was show up and do the plt  TT on sunday AND HOPE TO PLACE IN TOP 10 to pick up a couple extra bar pointzzzzz….. the TT didn`t go so well(but i did get a few pointzz), oh yeah i forgot , after cooling down on saturday i decided to sign up for the 1,2,3 race , i knew it was gonna be fast and furious,(and it was) after about 40 minutes of intervals ,i decided enough was enough so i pulled the plug , i felt pretty good over all and want to congratulate pauly on his 2nd place…..and once again the tri-pow girls tore up the ladyzz field putting 3 of the 4 girlz in the winning break…and 4 gold medalist(nice work ladyz…)anywayz looking forward to the go fast turn left races this saturday(i love that track!!)



One response

  1. ty i love it – you opened it up to take the win… that rocks solid!!

    August 14, 2007 at 2:22 pm

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