welp i made it up to richmond area saturday for the masters age graded state championship road race…(30-39), i had to get going early in the morning if i were to arrive in time to get ready and race at 9am…i headed into norfolk to pick up cyclochris, we made it there rite at 8 am… i managed a good 10 minutes on the trainer,and another 10 spinning around the parking lot before they called everyone up…i felt good and ready to go…the 1st of 4  15 mile loops was underway, the first lap went pretty good,(the dawg was pretty aggresive)hodang, art, and myself sat back..a few attacks went but nothin stuck, on the second lap i was starting to really feel good , the temps were perfect, the rolling terrain fit my riding, and my team was working for me…back to lap 2, everytime hodang tried to get in a move the seigler boys had him marked, then bender got away with a couple others,and sorrell did agood job of goin up to the front and blocking, so the rest of the lap was much the same, every move hosang tried got killed because of seigler…then on the third lap i attacked the biggest hill on the course, i knew i had to be near the front to make thru the rest of the race, then crazy took over he pulled alot on the third lap, even art got up there and put on the chase, but no one wanted to work together to bring the break back…i`m not sure when keck baker went(but somehow he crossed the gap and won!!!)near the end of the 3rd lap i went with a move sorrell started he pulled me and a natures path guy away from the field , then crazy bridged up, and we had art blocking,we pulled away together for about a mile ,but it was not to be , the NPrider started missing pulls ,and brian sat up for the feed zone… by then we were getting swarmed back up by the field with the bell ringing,(1 to go) still no bender group in site(i`m not sure how far ahead they ended  up…)then about  halfway thru the last lap the field still had no continuity to it… finally art moved up for a couple miles and tried to inspire a chase(good strong work ART)right before the last turn with about 3 miles to go, crazy dropped back and picked me up(he said d-bo get on my wheel) so i did i had to fight all the wheelsuckers off… that was my wheel…i wasn`t giving it to nobody…..so for the last couple miles as crazy pulled me thru the pack,all i had to think of was if my glasses were on sraight and sprinting ….with a mile to go he pulled me up to 3rd wheel, we were cruising, then 1k to go the speed was up so no one was coming around just yet… then a move came up on the left with bill scanlon and another rider it was then ,crazy said d-bo go so i jumped onto the 2 man train ,but the was my mistake, another move came way faster from the left and one from the right at that point i went for the one on the right , realizing i was not gonna get that wheel i started for the line as hard as i could, josh from the wheelmen got me before the line, so i managed 4th in the field sprint  , 8th overall(and little did i know ,but this race counted for double points)if i had just went staight for the line when crazy said go, and i hate to say it , but i think i could`ve taken it(lesson learned) i`m happy with my result,and with my teammates help, thanx fellows…and congratulations bender for taking home the silver(thats` one strong mofo)…then after i colled down , i spotted bj & sharon warming up…. i believe sharon won the gold for her age group…(congrats) and bj added another medal to her collection, great job.. in the ladies race bj went with 2 cat 1 riders from northern va and got 3rd overall(i heard they broke away on the 2nd or third lap never to be seen again…)with sharon finishing in the pack…i saw the manimal and tyler out there ,lending some support ,thanx …i`m not sure how the 40 plus race went , but i hearde there was a crash, i think i heard greco say he got 7th(nice work)…and ya`ll tell me are these guys twinz???  i watched the 50 plus guys get started …then the JRS…as i was leaving i saw Dr Dan starting his 2nd lap….all in all, i`d say it was a GOOD DAY…


One response

  1. JB

    Great ride and nice writeup.

    Good teamwork too

    July 24, 2007 at 5:57 pm

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