Like Dan said, it was a good weekend.  I started the 4 race with the intention of getting in breaks and setting up Jim for the win.  I played the first part of the race agressive.  On the first lap, I got a gap with a guy from the Kitty Hawk team.  Quickly the group chased it down.  Then, Tim went off the front and I got on his wheel, and we got about a 5 second advantage.  The next lap was a preim lap, so I kept on pulling at the front.  Soon after, Andy from Fat Frogs and another kid from Cutaway clothing bridged up to what could have been the race.  I was feeling like crap, so I went back to the field, knowing I screwed up.  The break was swallowed up a few laps later.  Then Jim and Gilmer went off the front, only to be caught with a couple laps to go.  I was feeling good towards the end of the race.  On the last lap, there was a crash to the left of me, and I had to avoid a few bottles on the ground.  I moved up on the inside, sitting top 20 on the backside.  I knew I should have been placed higher but oh well.  Coming into the last turn, a University of Richmond kid over cooked the turn and went straight across it, taking out about 10 guys.  I avoided it, and sprinted for 7th place, with Jim taking 5th.  I was pretty happy with my result.

 In the 123 race, it looked fast.  A few breaks went, including one with Phil Robb of Seigler, a DC Velo guy, and Justin Samuel, and Todd, but it didnt stick.  Finally, Mason Haymes of Seigler, and Jerry Conn snuck off the front and stole the day, with Mason winning the sprint.


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