made it out 2 chesapeake on sunday….the racing wuzz fast and hot, i didn`t let the heat get to me today….once again the tri-pow girlz represented well, with Annette taking 2nd(after getting in a 2 girl break wich almost lapped the field!!!)then it wuzz time for the30/40, my dogg wuzz back, it wuzz goooood 2 see him out there racing hard and keeping me under control, in the end it wuzz my boy xxxtodd off the front in a 2 man break with the guy who finished 2nd in the 1,2,3 race.  xxx ended up 2nd , good work!!!! as 4 myself i put in way to much work in the field,so all i could come up with wuzz 12th, wich ain`t bad, but there wuzz alot of wheelsuckerz out there, but my hat goes off to ROB D of sr racing who rode strong all weekend….then as i cooled down i got back just in time 2 catch the end of the 4 race…. my man bill G WUZZ OFF THE FRONT with bender …..but the ManiMal wuzz in full pursuit…. then it all came back 2gether with 2 to go.. then with 1 to go all hell broke loose(like it usally does in the crash 4) guyz went down on the straight, then in the final turn…hope my boy TIM STARKEY is alright!!!!( he got taken down hard, no fault of his own..) i don`t know if he or hiz bike!!  got the worst of it….but thru all the malay TYLER  managed to stay upright and snag a strong 7th place finish (keep workin on that sprint) in the end the manimal got picked at the line by sum guy  who never showed his face ,or did any work the whole race(i guess congratz are in order?) anywayz , good work steve-o……..then it wuzz time for the 5`s,, JB looked strong off the start, my man fireman john got into the early break and held on to finish 8th(nice work ,2 top 10s in a weekend) bob and malcom looked good working together…..then it wuzz time for the main event..gracee putting on her game face(i think her popz been workin on dat wit her..) then they were off!!!! J-BUG Looked fast without her training wheelz, nice work!!! gracee blowing the field apart… great work kidz… (the pay off) …. i`m done for now…i`ll let Tyler give ya`ll the report on the 1,2,3……….



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  1. Very Nice Write Up dbo!

    July 16, 2007 at 4:55 pm

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